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The Mental-Physical Unity
This subject is so clear and evident to me now, that it seems almost too obvious to require an explanation, yet I know there was a time when I didn't see the unity and I had to slowly stumble over the metaphysical insights in order to clearly see the Light.

I can only presume that some of you are in the same vessel.
It's difficult to know where to begin, but begin I shall.

I'm going to start with the metaphysical and move towards the physical unity as the lessons begin. Stay with me.

"He that has eyes let him see".

And God said "Let there be light".

The Self:

Health is not just the absence of disease, it’s a joyfulness that should be inside of us all the time. It’s a state of positive well-being which is not only physical but emotional and even psychological and spiritual. We all need to be healed in the highest sense, by making ourselves perfect in mind, body and spirit.

The first step is to realize that this is even possible.  The power of sleep inside of us doesn’t awaken until we call upon it. What is this thing we call the physical body? What is this thing we call the mental mind? We can call this a superficial materialistic creation. We think of the human body as a frozen sculpture, caught in between space and time - as a physical machine that has somehow learned to think. How do we understand the body as it really is? The body is not a frozen sculpture, it’s a river of energy and information.

A philosopher once said “you cannot step into the same river twice because new water is flowing in”. Similar to double jeopardy; you cannot be tried twice for the same crime. And like that, the real you can never step into the same flesh and bones twice. Dramatically, rapidly, effortlessly and efficiently we renew our bodies with every second of our existence.

Take breathing for example! With each breath that you inhale, you are taking 10 to the power of 22 atoms, that ultimately end up as your heart cells, kidney cells, bone cells, DNA, brain cells, etc.  With each breath you exhale, you’re breathing out literally bits and pieces of your tissues and organs and exchanging them with everybody on this planet. 


Right now at this very moment, you have 1 million atoms that were once in the body of your grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents and so on. With each breath, you take in the body of the universe into Self.  With each breath, you exchange your body with the body of the universe.

In fact, scientific calculations show you replace 98% of all the atoms in your body in less than one year. You make a new liver every 6 weeks. A new skeleton once every 3 months. A new stomach lining every 5 days. A new skin once a month. Even the brain cells that you think with (as physical atoms) weren’t there last year.

There is always a deeper reality to the body. In that deeper reality is what we want to manifest because from that deeper reality comes the physical body, physical mind, and mental mind, all which comes from that deeper level of existence. What are fluctuations of energy and information? A quantum unit of light is a photon, a quantum unit of gravity is a graviton, a quantum unit of electricity is a electron, a quantum unit of the mental mind when connected to the physical body is a thought. And it’s not even just a simple thought! It’s a feeling, an emotion, a desire, an instinct, a drive, a notion, a concept, an ideal… and it’s not just verbal, it’s that same impulse that you feel all the time in your awareness that motivates you to drink water, to travel from here to there, therefore we create impulsive intelligence.